PPP, PPE and PPC (Peri-Peri Chicken)

I'll never forget the feeling of despair.... I was sitting on my couch feeling desperate and anxious.  We had just gotten the news that restaurants were going to either close or switch to delivery only for an indefinite period of time.  Restaurants are my business, my source of income.  We have a restaurant, and this sauce business serves restaurants in foodservice pack sizes.  What were we going to do?  How would we pay our bills?  How could we even imagine laying people off? 

I knew there had to be some answer, but what in the world could it be?  The entire world (it seemed) was shut down. People were afraid. 

I love to listen to mentors to keep my head straight, and Chalene Johnson is my favorite.  I knew I had to dive into this type of teaching right away as I knew that if I didn't, my mind would begin to play tricks on me.  Chalene and her husband Brett got into action immediately mentoring on how to pivot, how to think differently and how to do so immediately so that you could be postured correctly for this new normal that was coming.   The main takeaway from the beginning was, accept it.  Then think out 3, 6, 12 months and prepare for that.  What do you want your business to look like then?  So, my mind shifted and my eyes were open.  No more head in the sand. I wanted to be a part of something during this strange and un precedented time. 

Then, it happened. The perfect opportunity presented itself.

A small company here in Atlanta, Georgia named MTV (-: was also brainstorming on ways to pivot while fulfilling the desire to make a difference during the Coronavirus pandemic.  MTV is the parent company to several smaller companies whose main focus of business is servicing restaurants, sound familiar? We had something in common for sure. They had already made a prototype and were full steam ahead with making face shields.  They turned a manufacturing line that was not being used into a full scale face shield manufacturing facility.  Then, the demand HIT huge and they couldn't make them fast enough.  They needed thousands made a day.

     I love survival type things and I love a good project!  I also love staying busy and, more than anything, helping with a project that will help so many others. So, I reached out and asked if I could be of service in any way.  I knew the impact this could make as those of us in the US were not able to obtain any PPE during this window of time.  China had secured all of the PPE on the planet during January and February and now we needed it and there was none to be found, anywhere. First responders were short on PPE and using trash bags and sheet protectors over their faces.  This was unacceptable for so many reasons.

I was given the honor to manage a short term project in Clayton, GA. The city of Clayton had given us the use of a room in their municipal building for face shield production. Game on!!!

We set up it up, hired over 40 people in 48 hours and made over 50,000 shields in 3 weeks!  I got to meet so many amazing people and we provided jobs for them all at a good rate of pay! (PPP)

We are still involved in shield production and will continue to offer them here on our website!

Since then, I have learned the beauty of having face shields as an option.  So many people would prefer a shield to a mask. The shields allow you to breathe freely.  Beauticians and nail techs, Speech Therapists, Chefs and more need the shield as opposed to the mask. And get this, there were multiple restaurants that would not have been able to open unless they had our shields.

Sweet success:  A project that began to fill a void for the frontline workers also allowed small businesses to re-open.  We provided these shields to those who would NEVER have been able to get them otherwise.

God is good.  Thank you all for helping to spread the word!


You will also notice that we are expanding our PPE  and now offer shields, masks, infrared thermometers and more!  All because of PPC (Peri-Peri Chicken)

Making more than chicken UNFORGETTABLE

From Atlanta with Love.

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