If you guys aren't famous in a year, you are total idiots.

"If you guys aren't famous in one year, you are total idiots."  (-: LOL

The first time we served Peri-Peri chicken to a group of friends at a dinner party was back in 2004.  We were newly married living in Smyrna, Ga. We were just playing around with the idea of turning these amazing sauces into an actual business so we thought we would ask for honest feedback from our friends here in Atlanta, real "foodies."

I'll never forget that night, it was so much fun, laughing until we were crying. And the best part was when Greg had sauce coming out of the sides of his mouth and dripping down his chin...he looked us dead in the face and said, "if you guys aren't famous in a year, you are total idiots."  LOLOLOL

We took that as a compliment (I think) and decided to dive in. 16 years later, here we are!

We've spent years developing the perfect recipes, perfect for that busy Mom who doesn't have time to slave in the kitchen but wants to throw that dinner party with friends and have a similar reaction to our first Peri-Peri party! Perfect for that man who loves to grill and wants to amaze his buddies with his Peri-Peri wings or ribs (and super cool inside info from South Africa.)

Here are our top 4 most highly requested recipes.  And, we just announced FREE SHIPPING when you order 4 bottles or more!  The image you see below will be included with your shipment so you'll have these recipes on a beautiful card you can keep in your kitchen!!




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