Peri-nnaise Recipe

What is Peri-nnaise? 
Well, its a fancy way of saying Peri-Peri Mayonnaise.  And wow, does it bring so much excitement!  It's tangy with a tiny little kick, but most of all, it brings a flavor you want to add to everything!!!
Peri-nnaise is used in Peri-Peri restaurants in so many ways:
* as a side for dipping with every meal
* as the mayo that is lightly toasted into the panini bread or kaiser roll
* as the topping to the Black Beans & Rice
* as an ingredient in the World's best Guacamole
* as the "closing" sauce for grilled burritos
Peri-nnaise is one of the major factors to why people become addicted to Peri-Peri food.  I remember one guest telling me he would bathe in it if there were enough to fill up a bathtub. lol (-:
It's so easy to make...


1 Cup Mayonnaise (we recommend Vegenaise for best flavor)
3 Tbsp. DiChickO's Marinade


1. Mix 1 Cup Mayonnaise with 3 Tbsp. DichickO's Marinade
2. Stir and enjoy!

Serve as a dip for wings, veggies and more!

Just taste it and use your imagination, it's good on everything!

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