About DiChickO's

A passion for nutritious, natural, delicious food drove our peri-peri story from the beginning.  

As a native South African, I grew up eating Peri-Peri Chicken, Peri-Peri prawns and anything and everything else you could put Peri-Peri Sauce on and have been a huge fan of it all my life.  After moving to America in 1994, I realized that America needed Peri-Peri! I reached deep into my family history and connected with my grandfather Guiseppe still living in Italy.  He shared with me and taught me how to make our family recipe Peri-Peri Sauce.  

My wife (Heather) and I launched DiChickO's Peri-Peri Sauces in 2005 and are proud to say that we have kept our product true to the original recipe in process and in all-natural, gluten free ingredients.  We refuse to cheapen the recipe or to add preservatives and things of that sort.  Our product boasts a shelf life of 2+ years and uses only the freshest ingredients including tons of herbs.  We use the whole lemon in our sauces which gives it that extra punch of flavor as well as the health benefits in the essential oils in the lemon.  Each sauce includes 3 different peppers in the recipe.

We began with our 5 flavors of the condiment style sauce:  Mild, Garlic, Lemon & Herb, Hot and Extra Hot.  We then added our Marinade and the Wing Sauce a year later.

In 2006, we opened a Peri-Peri restaurant in Augusta, GA (called DiChickO's Peri-Peri Cafe, www.dichickoscafe.com) which is managed and operated by Heather.  Our original intent was to use this restaurant as a testing ground for new products, etc. but to our delight, the restaurant itself has taken off and become an award winning cafe in Augusta.  As it was in South Africa, Peri-Peri is addictive and accumulates a loyal following.

Several years ago, we began wholesaling and private labeling for retail stores and restaurants.  Many Peri-Peri restaurants around the world are using our sauce!  We love all things Peri-Peri and know you will too!

Please contact us with any questions, comments or feedback that will help us continue to serve you. Email us at info@dichickos.com.

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