About DiChickOs Peri-Peri

It was our first date....

My date made me Peri-Peri Chicken. The sauce was from South Africa and was what he grew up eating every Sunday afternoon with his family. We had met at work and I knew immediately he was unique, different, exciting....and that my life would be too.

From the moment I tasted that sauce, I agreed that America needed this. We were on a mission to make it happen.

After years of development, trial and error, overcoming odds and perseverance; we have exactly the peri-peri we wanted for the US, the flavor that has taken over the international world. The flavor that is so unique, it is UNFORGETTABLE.

Unforgettable flavor, health and ease, this is what we went for and this is what we have.  Just one bottle does the trick, 3 bottles for the whole South African experience...

Heather D.